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Surbex Syrup 120ml

Manufactured By: Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan) Ltd.
Marketed By: Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan) Ltd.
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\ Marketed By:  Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan) Ltd. Therapeutic Segment:  VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT\

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\ Generic:       Each 5ml contains: Nicotinamide 50mg, D-Pantothenol 10mg,Vitamin B2 6mg, Vitamin B1 10mg, Ascorbic Acid 100mg, Calcium Pantothenate 10mg, Cyanocobalamin 10mcg Pyridoxine 10mg/5ml

\ Indication:  \

\ Surbex Syrup is indicated for the use in the prevention and treatment of Vitamin B-Complex deficiency with vitamin C supplementation. \

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\ Product Form:  Syrup\

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\ Pack Size: 120ml