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Prospan Syrup 120ml

Manufactured By: Highnoon Laboratories Ltd.
Marketed By: Highnoon Laboratories Ltd.
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Rs. 400.00


Prospan Syrup 120ml is marketed by Highnoon Laboratories Ltd.. It falls under the category of Cough & Cold. Prospan Syrup is available at Next Health. Next Health offers delivery of Prospan Syrup 120ml in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and also across other cities in minimum time. Prospan has 4-fold power for the relief against respiratory diseases like cough and bronchitis. It has clinically proven efficacy and relives symptoms through thinning and breaking up stubborn mucus, dilating constricted bronchial tubes, relieving the urge to cough and inhibiting inflammation. Alcohol-free\ Sugar-free\ Free from artificial colouring   Ingredients 120 ml solution contains:\ Ivy leave extract: 0.84 g   Suggested Dosage Children below 6 years of age: 2.5 ml twice daily\ Children 6-12 years of age: 5 ml twice daily\ 12 years and above: 5 ml, 3 times daily\ Shake well before use\ Use within 3 months of opening