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Azomax Tablet 500mg 6s

Manufactured By: Novartis Pharma (Pak) Ltd
Marketed By: Novartis Pharma (Pak) Ltd
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    Azomax Tablet 500mg 6s is manufactured by Novartis Pharma (Pak) Ltd. It falls under the category of Macrolide Anti-Bacterial.Azomax Tablet 500mg 6s is available at Next Health. Next Health offers delivery of Azomax Tablet 500mg 6s in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and also across other cities in minimum time. This medicine is used in the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia which is the most common type of lung infection caused by bacteria.This medicine is used in the treatment of Otitis Media which is an infection of the middle ear with symptoms such as a headache, ear pain, ringing in the ears, loss of balance, etc.This medicine is used to treat a sore throat or Pharyngitis (an inflammation of the throat caused by bacteria or smoking). The most common symptoms of this condition include a cough, runny nose, difficulty in swallowing, fever with chills, etc.This medicine is used in the treatment of skin and soft tissue infections characterized by fever with chills, redness around hair follicles, yellowish rash, muscle pain, etc.This medicine is used in the treatment of Cat Scratch Disease, which is an infection caused by the bacterium Bartonella henselae through the bite or scratch of a cat. It occurs within 1 to 2 weeks after the bite. This condition may be characterized by swollen lymph nodes near the site of the bite or scratch or most commonly on the neck. Side effects: Diarrhea severe Abdominal pain severe Difficult or painful urination severe Vomiting severe Fever severe Acid or sour stomach Aggression or anger Excessive air or gas in stomach Heartburn Dry or scaly skin severe Dizziness Drowsiness Product Details: Product Name: Azomax Tablet 500mg 6s Product Form: Tablet Drug Class: Macrolide Anti-Bacterial Salt: Azithromycin Pack Size: 6s Total Units: 6 Tablet Manufacturer: Novartis Pharma (Pak) Ltd.

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