How To Order

Step 1: Log on to our website only once.
Step 2: Simply register with us online.
Step 3: Fill your correct full name, correct address, mobile number and email address in the spaces provided. Date of Birth is optional. Once you have filled and checked the above information, click register. You will be registered and the system will generate Customer ID for you. Please keep it for your records. When you return just use the customer ID.
Step 4: Once registered, add your desired products to your cart.
Step 5: Click Order and place an order with us.
Step 6: If a product or medicine requires prescription, you are required to provide your prescription to complete your order.
Step 7:

Upload your prescription by following methods 

  1. 1. During order placement
  2. 2. WhatsApp (0336-000-6398)
  3. 3. Email [email protected]
  4. 4. From your Order History
Step 8: Your Order is complete.

Step 9:

If you require assistance, CONTACT US and our representative will guide you to complete your order. 


Or You can order by calling our helpline and let them register you.